How do you save the settings that you have made on a floppy?
1 The songs in the E-600’s internal memory is discarded when you switch off the power, or choose another tune. It’s a good idea to store important songs on floppy disk.

2 Ordinarily.when you turn off the power, setting return to their default values, some settings can be stores so that they don’t disappear when you turn off the power. This function is called “Memory backup”. You can find this function at the function button, at the page “memory backup”.

How do you start the keyboard with just the drums?
When you only want drums you can switch to piano settings. When you start a style you only will hear drums.

How do you start accompaniment without changing the beat (tempo) or tone?
When you switch to the arranger mode you see on the screen the “options button”, press it and you will see the spit mode settings. scroll to “one Touch Settings”. Here you can disable the functions suitable tone, suitable tempo and other settings. Now when you switch from piano mode to arranger with an other tempo it will stay that way, also the tones will be the same you have set them.

How do you store a frequently used style?
when you have a style that you want to store you select the style and push ‘memorize’ on the display. You can choose the position where you want to put the style.

How to keep drums playing while the accompaniment stops?
It is better to make styles. From a selected style make a custom style with just the drums. push the menu button and the ‘composer menu’ will appear. Go to ‘Style composer’. The R: stands for rhythm and B: for bass. If you only want to hear drums from eg. a twist you choose that style. When you hit ‘execute’ there will be created a new user style. You can change between the full twist style and the new style with only drums.