Great Roland E-600 Styles free download



The E-600 actually makes learning to play fun. It has following features:

-Innovative touch panel LCD for straightforward control of all user operations.

– Harmonizer function adds realistic vocal harmonies when singing into a connected microphone.

– Voice Transformer can change gender and create robot voices.

– Outstanding stereo-sampled piano sounds with Sympathetic Resonance.

– New velocity-sensitive jazz scat sounds and choir.

– Unique Style Orchestrator function for making realtime changes to pre-programmed accompaniments.

– 16-track sequencer with 3.5-inch disk drive for playing standard MIDI Files and recording user songs.

– On-Line-Help function in different languages.

– Onboard reverb, chorus and rotary effects.

– Powerful 20-watt stereo sound system.

– Digital-Effects: Reverb (8 types), Chorus (8 types), Multi-Effects (Rotary and 40 other types).

– New “barking” metronome makes keeping time fun with animal and vocal sounds.



Create your own songs. You can use a variety of recording and editing features to compose your own songs or record your versions os existing music. The multitrack feature of the E-600′s composer allows you to record entire arrangements all by yourself.



Great E-600 Styles for download

You want to download some great e-600 styles? We have a lot of styles for free download. Just click on the links below and save the style to your computer. There are plenty of Roland e-600 styles to choose from.


There are even more styles to download. More styles.


Styles 1 Styles 2 Styles 3 Styles 4 Styles 5 Styles 6 Styles 7 Styles 8
Styles 9 Styles 10
Blues Boogie Disco Dixi Foxtrot Ballad Classic
8Beat 16Beat Slowrock Slowbeat Rap Styles11 Styles12