Lots of E-600 Styles free download


The E-600 actually makes learning to play fun. A built-in game helps music learners develop a sense of sound and rhythm. And keeping time has also become more fun with dog, cat, and vocal count metronome functions and a bouncing ball display. A powerful onboard sound system rounds out this amazing instrument. With lots of E-600 styles for you to download.

The E-600′s innovative touch panel LCD gives players easy, straightforward control of all user operations. It displays information such as tone and style names with easy-to-understand icons; users simply touch the on-screen icon and a selection has been made. Onboard help is also available, making the E-600 supremely easy to use.


The E-600 features high-quality concert-piano sounds, so you can enjoy realisic piano performance. – Simple operation makes it easy to record your own performances. Five track buttons can be used like a tape recorder to record what you play. – Create your own songs. You can use a variety of recording and editing features to compose your own songs or record your versions os existing music. The multitrack feature of the E-600′s composer allows you to record entire arrangements all by yourself. – Microphone input with echo effect. You can hook up a microphone to use the E-600 like a karaoke machine. You can also apply a vaiety of effects to vocals.



Lots of E-600 Styles for download



Lots of Styles

E500int1 E500int2  E-styles1 E-styles2 E-diversi E-diversi2 Pop Samba
The Beatles Orchestral
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